Enhanced Health

Based around 5 foundations of health, Nutrition, Movement, Stress Reduction, Strong Relationships and Health Behaviours such as Non Smoking and Alcohol Reduction

“The modern world is doing all it can to derail human health – medication lists are getting longer, more people are getting preventable diseases like Type 2 diabetes.

I want to give people another option. To empower them to take back control over their own health, with one on one support and evidence based advice. Lifestyle medicine encourages changes with nutrition and daily habits that can have the power to enhance your health and reduce both the medication you may be taking and the risk of health problems in the future”

Dr Elizabeth Dowd.



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Lifestyle medicine is a branch of medicine that focuses on long term lifestyle changes and daily habits to achieve Enhanced Health.

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Indepth Lifestyle Assessment, Diabetes, Preconception, Stress/Fatigue, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and Weight Management

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I met with Dr Elizabeth Dowd after suffering multiple miscarriages with no obvious underlying cause. I found her very approachable and easy to talk. After following her medical, Stress reduction and nutritional advice I am now halfway through a healthy pregnancy. I cannot recommend Dr Dowd enough for all help and advice before and during my fertility journey