Indepth Lifestyle Assessment

Indepth Lifestyle Assessment – 1-1.5 hours €195

Intial consultantion consists of medical history, current medications and any supplements, Current lifestyle including typical eating and activity pattern

Examination – Height, weight, Blood Pressure, Abdominal/Hip Circumference
Blood test – Finger Prick for HbA1c (sugars) and Cholesterol
Development of Health Plan – A shared plan of lifestyle changes for Enhanced health based on individual health goals.

Consent will be sought to inform your usual doctor (GP) particularly if any medication changes are suggested during your intial or subsquent consultations #

Follow Up
Standard single follow up – 30 mins €70

Follow up Packages*
When we make lifestyle changes it may take 2-3 months to see improved health markers depending on individual situation. Often in order to maintain lifestyle change, regular support is required. Depending on your medical history weekly, fortnightly or monthly follow up may be recommended.

  • 3 appointment – €180
  • 6 appointment – €330
  • 9 appointments- €450
  • 12 appointments €540 – includes 1 follow up blood test
  • 6-12 month package – €600 euro – 15 appointments + up to 2 additional blood tests as required

* all packages are valid for 12 months. Payment Plans available please enquire.

# a Lifestyle assessment does not replace usual medical care if you have any acute medical problems or concerns please contact your usual medical provider. If any concerning matters are indentified during your consultation you will be directed back to your usual doctor for follow up.


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