Weight Management

Enhanced Health Dungarvan is NOT focused on weight loss.

Increased weight can be a higher risk for health problems. For example increased abdominal circumference can signify that there is fat around our internal organs(visceral adiposity) which can put us at risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Increased weight can also put us at risk of some cancers.

However when the focus is only on weight loss it is easy to get let down by a process that only focuses on the numbers on the scale, rather than gains that are being made in other areas.

At Enhanced health dungarvan the focus is on empowering patients to take control of their own health. This may mean that weight loss happens as a result of lifestyle changes such as Eating well, enjoyable movement and mindfulness practice which also can improve blood pressure, cholesterol, HbA1c and general wellbeing.

Health is not simply about weight. People of perceived normal weight can be very “unhealthy”.

If you are concerned that weight is impacting on your health then lifestyle interventions will help improve your health. You will be supported to change your lifestyle in a way that is individual to you and your health goals.

The aim of Lifestyle change is to find a way of living that Enhances heath that can be sustained for life.

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